So here is the deal- I wanted to make my own festival for a long time now, but I kept trying to bring in other people to help me with it. Well if you want something done right you do it your damn self! Only thing is- I wanted to have it my way. Keep it small and intimate so I get to spend time with everyone, make sure everybody is having a great time, and get some of my favorite artists to entertain all of y'all.

Jared McCloud presents Three Sheets To The Wind. Kind of says it all, right? 

2017 was the first, and MY. GOD. You guys did it right! We took over this town like I could have only hoped- all in the name of having a good time. What I didn’t count on was the community of people that came out of it. The new friendships made, and plans to reconnect at the next one. 

Well, it’s time for the next one! Three Sheets To The Wind 2018 will be April 27-28 here in Portland, ME. It starts Friday night with me and the roster, taking you on a pub crawl through beautiful Portland, ME. We are definitely going to have a good time/find some trouble at some of my favorite haunts all over the city.

Saturday night, we have one kickass show with- and yes I might be biased-one of the best lineups I've seen in a while, and do. This. RIGHT.

AUSTIN LUCAS. MICHAEL HBASTEVE DUNN. SETH ADAM. And me! You lucky devils, you...

One more thing, in the interest of making sure everyone can get here and have a good time, I am keeping this cheap, and it will sell out. Make sure you get 'dem tickets!!! 

There is also a small block of rooms that I have arranged at a discount rate, that is across the street from the venue- thus ensuring safe stumbling distance back to your bed. These will go fast, so if you want one, please call the Holiday Inn By The Bay here in Portland at 1.800.345.5050 and tell them you are part of the THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND group!

Two nights, a handful of AMAZING singer/songwriters, and Portland, ME. Come hang with me and my friends April 27-28!!!

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2017 Wrap up video

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