Anyone else have the “post-3 Sheets blues”?

It seems like the weekend flew by at breakneck speed- and that’s including getting started early on Thurs night- and in a blink of an eye it was hugs and goodbye selfies (or “weesies” as those of you that are lucky to know my mother calls them… because it’s more than one person…nevermind). The point is this: 3 Sheets To The Wind went down in the books as a total success, and thats due to the love that all of you that were there showed this weekend. 

I’d like to get a shout out to some people that the last few days couldn't have happened without. My solid-as-hell crew of Jess, JJ and Jeff took care of all sorts of things behind the scenes that no one had any idea of. They were also instrumental in most of the planing of this as well, and I can't thank them enough. Also, special shoutout to Dunn and Chad for helping out as well. I’m lucky to know all of you guys.

There was a tremendous amount of support from Mark and Bruce with Shipyard. Completely classy and kind, they came through in a big way with some much needed promo, and I hope to be working with them closely and exclusively in the future. 

Then, the businesses that allowed this rag-tag group to come in and get crazy all in the name of getting crazy… The Hampton Inn, Top Of The East, Arcadia, The Thirsty Pig and Gritty’s- these are some of my fav spots in town and it was an honor to do this with you! Pat’s, our home for Saturday night was completely accommodating and MariAnn and Liz took great care of us. 

Can’t have a show without Artists, right? Luckily- and completely on purpose (Mama didn’t raise no fool)- we had one of the most badass rosters in recent memory. These are Artists that are all busy, have lives, but got what I wanted to do, and said yes. They came down, hung with everyone, helped put a dent in my city, played their damn asses off and couldn't have been nicer about it. SethAndrea, KenSteve, Kevin and Gareth- you are all as talented as you are kind, and some of the best singer/songwriters I have ever had the honor of playing with. Thank you.

Finally, each and everyone of you that bought a ticket and trekked to beautiful costal Maine. Everyone who was as excited about this as I was. Everyone of you that took a chance on this. Everyone of you that it was my absolute pleasure to share the weekend with… I. Love. Every. Last. One. Of. You. You guys showed up, and were open and carefree. This felt almost like a family reunion even though there were many people I hadn’t met before. I know old friendships were reignited, and new ones crafted. You all are just as responsible for this as anyone else and have my deepest gratitude. 

Now who wants to go get a beer? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Humbled and proud


PS Tour announcement soon! 

© Jared McCloud 2017